Brussels Canvas by Alicia: Artful Explorations in the Heart of Europe

Discovering Beauty in Architecture, Art, and Everyday Moments – Through the Eyes of a Young Brussels Enthusiast

Brussels, panorama of Grand Place in beautiful summer day, Belgium

A Canvas for Creativity

Join me, Alicia, as I explore the diverse world of architectural and artistic spaces, from quaint Brussels homes to innovative commercial structures.

Reviving and Reinventing Spaces

Dive into my journey of blending history with modernity, where each renovation and restoration project is a story told through the lens of art and architecture.

Guidance and Inspiration

Stay connected with continuous insights and inspirations from the heart of Brussels, as I share my experiences and explorations in architectural design.

Brussels at Your Fingertips

Explore Brussels like never before with my exclusive app access, bringing you closer to the art, architecture, and culture of this vibrant city.

Expert Opinions and Artistic Views

Join me in thoughtful discussions as I consult with architects and artists, bringing a unique blend of professional knowledge and personal passion to each project.

Managing Artistic Ventures

Follow my adventures in project management, where I blend organizational skills with a creative vision to bring architectural and artistic projects to life.

Architectural Journeys in Brussels

Embark on a journey with me through Brussels’ architectural landscapes, where imagination meets expertise in every corner of this historic city.

Through the lens of architecture and art, every street in Brussels tells a story, and every building sings a song of history and modernity. It’s in these harmonious contrasts that I find my greatest inspiration and the drive to reimagine our world

Alice Maes